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What We Offer 

Web Management
Web Management

We will create and manage your webpage content. Common Platforms include SquareSpace, WordPress, Joomla, Wix, SimpleUpdates, and more.  

Social Media Strategy and Implementation 

There are hundreds of social media tools to connect with your potential audience.  The key is knowing which tool to use based on your organization's communication strategy.  We will develop a comprehensive social media plan to connect with your audience.  

Video and Short Film Creation

We will produce, direct, and write your promotional videos.  This includes documentaries, shorts, testimonials, commercials, brand identity spots, fundraising spots.  

PowerPoint Style Presentation 

Do you have a major presentation to make?  Your screen presentation should represent your organization with the greatest impact.  Seminars slides and media accompanying a book or project can we designed and set for you.  Available in PowerPoint or Keynote

Speciality Logo Design

Corporate logos are the symbols that communicate your message.  We will develop a professional logo to meet your needs for your organization, special events, sub-ministries.

Ghost Writing

DMG provides ghost writing for newsletters, short stories, articles, brochures - by professional writers.  We will write and edit to achieve your goals.

E-book publishing 

E-book have taken over the landscape of the publishing world.  Last year, Amazon reported for the first time that their digital book sales succeeded the paper sales.  We will take your book and prepare it for ebook formatting and make it available for online sale.  

Translation Services 

Do you have resources that need to be translated to other languages?  We will translate all of your needs by professional translators.  Languages include:  Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian. 

Graphic Design

Do you have a brochure, poster, booklet that needs to be created.  We will help you from concept to printing, to delivery within your time needs.  


Let us help you get your message out to your constituency through a regular email blast.  We specialize in design and content filler, and report tracking and analysis.  

Press Kit

If you are sharing an major initiative, you will need a press kit, which includes more than a press release.  Let us help you professionalize our organization and campaigns.  

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