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We Should All Be Feminists - Book Review

“Nuanced and rousing.” —Vogue

“Adichie is so smart about so many things.” —San Francisco Chronicle

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s personal essay is poignant and personal. Isn’t that what most reviewers are saying? The title of the book, We Should All Be Feminists,is in essence the basic premise, the thesis statement.

I must admit, I never heard of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, or any of her books. I was looking for a book to listen to in preparation for a twelve hour drive. This book was recommended to me by Audible and so I downloaded it.

There are numerous thoughts I have been wrestling with regarding this book. First, I didn’t realize it was an essay, that was based on a Tedx Talk the author once gave, with the same title. So I was surprised by how short the book is, and frustrated I had spent an entire Audible credit on such a short product.

With my penny pincher frustrations put to aside, I was taken back by the simple message conveyed in the book. The message was quite elementary. I thought there would be more layers to the thought. The author provided a cultural landscape to what is happening in Nigeria, offering insight on the challenges women face regarding sexism and gender bias. She embeds examples such as being overlooked at the restaurant table when a man is sitting with her, or having to offer a reason as to why she is entering a hotel lobby, because the conventional thought is that only men have business in that location.

The author makes valid points, however none of them are new. I feel like a jerk saying this, but I was hoping to read sometime with greater depth than this short essay styled book.

Her message: We need more female representation. We must create and provide spaces for females to be leader in all areas of industry.

I am sure the contents of this book is necessary and needed in especially emerging nations, where the ideas of female equality is just starting to be understood and take root.

Paperback: 64 pages

Publisher: Anchor Books; Reprint edition (2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 110191176X

ISBN-13: 978-1101911761

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