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Brian McLaren, author

Kumar Dixit loves the church, and he’s in it up to his elbows – pastoring, leading, studying, thinking. He has correctly identified one of the truly pivotal issues the church must face this century, and he writes with clarity and passion to help Christians, church leaders, and denominational leaders move wisely into action.

Rajeev Sigamoney, filmmaker

Branding the Faith reminds the reader that though the church once led the way in art, politics & commerce, it has been struggling to keep up ever since. Kumar Dixit implores the faith to learn from industry and adapt in order to stay relevant — all the while facing the challenge to not lose it’s soul in the process.

Denise Van Eck

Kumar Dixit writes as a seasoned practitioner in ministry. His perspective is shaped by on-the-ground experience and is one that the church today truly needs to hear.

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